Welcome! to MY JESUS TODAY -- the website of Christian recording artist Phil Marks Sr!

     I hope to spread God's Love by writing music which interprets Jesus' message into today's world.

My Jesus calls us to:

  • Share what works for us, but not to enforce what another person can or cannot do
  • Determine what sins are, but not to judge whether a person has committed a sin
  • Help people to overcome sin, but not to punish people for committing sins
  • Gather as much diversity as possible into every role available in a chosen religion

God's plans for others, regardless of gender, age, creed, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation, though not clear to us, can lead them to heavenly rewards greater than any we could imagine for ourselves.

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     I hope you enjoy the music, and perhaps get something out of the songs which helps you develop a real and lasting relationship with God.

     Sincerely In Christ,

Phil Marks Sr


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